For women and men who want to have gender equity in the sport industry

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Who are we going to be



We want you to step into the woman you want to be. We want you to be the kind of woman that inspire other women to step up too. Step by step you can arrive at your goal. We believe that with determination you can rise in your career and empower women sharing your story and being a model.


Women Sport Career is an association/NGO with no lucrative goal.


Our mission is to have an international economical and medical impact for men and women working in the sport industry. We want to provide security, opportunities and confidence to all women from the sport industry.


Our action :


- we built a strong network of women around the world

- we built connexion with the existing association around the world

- we value the career of women and help them with personalised advises

- we value the small and big success form women in the sport industry

- we provide support / advises and recommandation for employer but also to company in order to assure a gender equity policy

- we create a label of gender equity for the sport organization

- we create a media where women can share their situation and find solution thanks to the women network

- mentoring system : each women in the network has a mentor that will help her in her career. Each women will be the mentor of someone.


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