Career companion in the sports industry. We help women and men passionate about sport to find the job that suits them, and to make a living from it. Often parents curb their child's career desires when it comes to sports. Thanks to advice workshops we help young people, parents, professionals to orient themselves (or re-orient themselves). We meet students to help them find their internship and 1st job. We organize meetings between candidates and professionals to have "real" views on a career before making a choice based on a vague overview.

We create jobs without being an employment agency

We create added value in the local economy by promoting all professions and all hierarchical levels.

We put the Human at the center of Human Resources.

Sport ... this industry is the dream of thousands of young people. Not just to become an athlete and walk the steps of the Olympics. But also to have an impact on the economic development of a sport, to bring innovation to equipment or even allow sustainable development to affect the sports events industry, for example. Careers in the sports industry are often overlooked. Outdooria was founded by enthusiasts who want:

- apporter de la visibilité sur les différents métiers possibles grâce aux fiches métiers

- regrouper en un seul lieu toutes les offres d'emploi en lien avec le sport

- valoriser les nouveaux sports

- apporter des conseils sur les dossiers de candidature

- intervenir dans les écoles pour sensibiliser les étudiants sur les spécificités du marché du sport

- répondre aux interrogations des parents sur les opportunités de carrière de leurs enfants

- permettre aux candidats de rencontrer les professionnels de l'industrie du sport

We have therefore chosen to create a guide for you, a source of information for your professional life:

- We are your career companion for the sports industry,

- from early childhood until your retirement

- for all sports

- for all hierarchical levels



This website is therefore the perfect place to gather all the information on the outdoor and indoor professions. It's the utopia of sport: It's OUTDOORIA!


We are not a recruiting agency. We post free announcements of volunteers, internships, mandates, etc. because we want to allow everyone to find the position that suits them. Even if you are a small structure, you too have the right to benefit from the Outdooria community and to find an excellent profile. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. We advocate the return of the Human to Human Resources. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Valuing employees at each level of the company means valuing the work of each person. Remember that everyone is useful and necessary for the development of the company. It is also stimulating innovation through events and meetings. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. It is to allow vocations to be released thanks to meetings with professionals. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. We also support the development of numerous associations that promote equity, diversity and inclusion. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. To always stay as close as possible to the expectations and needs of candidates and sports companies, we are involved in communication and corporate branding of sports events in Switzerland and France.