During our professional meetings, there are strong encounters. Intense moments. Important causes carried by enthusiasts. People we want to help. Outdooria's mission is to support and stimulate the sports industry. We are therefore committed to Sports Associations. Discover them and support them too!



Protect Our Winters is a movement of enthusiasts, professional athletes and brands that use their social influence to inspire and mobilize the outdoor sports community in the fight against climate change

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A multidisciplinary team specializing in movement and sport meets the technical requirements of your practice. A privileged partner of many sports clubs, Enmouvement is already the reference center for many outdoor athletes of international level, renowned artists and is part of its uniqueness, in the preparation, development and full monitoring of your performance.

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Outdooria is committed to help create 2 associations:

- You can play a positive role in respecting the place of women in the sport industry.

- You can play a vital role in saving the lives of young athletes and preventing them from the pressure-related burn-out from an early age.

These 2 associations can be created thanks to you. You will appear among the initial donors who allowed their creation.


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