AI and HR


are key. But


don't forget the 

Human in the 

  • If you recruit, it means that you have a lack of human ressources in a specific department.

  • Per consequences, you don't have time to answer to all candidates who applied to your job offer. 

  • But ... the impact might be bigger than what you tthink.

You don't have time but you understand the stakes : we take care of your candidates. Focus on your main tasks and let us talk to your candidates. We take care of your employer branding.

  • Candidates have been noticed in the job description : if they don't fit the position, they won't be contacted. No need to do more than that. You are running companies. You are not at your executive position to take care of their feelings.

  •  But do you realise that with negative feedbacks, your company is loosing customers ?

  • So what could be your solution ? Don't change your rythm. Just let us take the time needed with the candidates and optimize your economic performance thanks to the candidates satisfaction. 

  • Have a look at our video to have more details.


Find the answers of your questions. 

This service is new and innovative. Take the time to understand the impact and the benefits for your company. If you have additional question send a message to


  • Do you have customer feedback, people who testify?

  • Yes, on our website there are several testimonials and people talking about their own experiences as candidates!

  • Why is it important to benefit from an application follow-up?

  • According to one study, 1 in 5 applicants take negative action after a bad experience. With negative comments and severe notions on several websites. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • Why choose your services when we have HR services?

  • Our services will cost you less than your hr services for the time spent on them, plus we specialize in the sports industry so have knowledge that your hr services are likely not to know, or you will waste time and money to train them on it. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • Our HR can take care of without having to go through you?

  • Yes, it's true your hr can take care of it, but did you think about the time they spend on each file? we make it possible for your hr to save time for more important tasks.

  • As the service is new how can you guarantee us a good result?

  • The service is new, but we have already spent time with other companies making this request without actually integrating it officially. We have seen that this service has a lot more. So we saw a real opportunity to outsource and offer a new service to companies that need it.